Inspired by flower cutting

Diagonally cut flowers have a larger surface area, can absorb more moisture and stay healthy longer.

This is the secret of freshness.

We have developed a technique that leaves hair as healthy as freshly cut flowers.

But that's not all: imagine you could apply your own handwriting to the hair, you have the right answer to every wish of your clients and the hair does what you want it to.

All of this is possible with calligraphy cut!

Can the calligraphy pen be used on all hair types?

Quite simply:

Long hair, short hair, curly hair, graphic lines... everything is possible.

For the perfect haircut you only need the right cutting technique with the calligraphy pen - which you will learn in our Digital Academy.

Long, thick hair

Fine, -wavy hair

Short hair

Thick, curly hair

Straight, compact cuts

why calligraphy cut?

More shine

The hair tip is enlarged by up to 270%. The light reflects on the smooth tip of the hair

Less split ends

The flexible hair tip reduces resistance and friction so that split ends occur much later

More movement

With the diagonal cut you determine the direction in which the hair falls

Healthy, soft hair

The tip of the hair is gently and accurately separated from the hair

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